• Roof Cleaning (Soft Wash)
  • Power Washing
  • Window Cleaning


  • Roof Cleaning (Soft Wash)
  • Power Washing
  • Window Cleaning


Additional Services

When it comes to keeping your home fresh and clean, certain details can be overlooked or out of reach for the average homeowner. Here are services commonly requested by our customers:


Gutter Whitening:

Most likely after power washing, you have realized that the exterior of the gutters have not come as clean as the rest of your home. The reason for this is that the runoff from the roof (asphalt in most cases) has flowed over the sides and the sun has baked it in. Unfortunately power washing may lighten it some, but most likely will not bring them back to their original condition. Fortunately we offer a service that can bring 99% of most factory finished gutters back to pristine condition. Results may vary on gutters that have been painted or made from plastic. Regardless, we will test a section before starting to determine the outcome. 



Special attention and patience is the key with chandeliers. Whether you have a Crystal (bauble), Traditional, Contemporary, Rustic, Birdcage or even the newer Mini chandeliers, we will meet your need with care. Solutions that don't leave a residue behind are extremely important when it comes to heated glass surfaces. Most glass cleaners leave a residual behind that may bake into the glass leaving a streaky or fogged look to them that may not be removed in the future.







Light Fixtures:

Another overlooked item in your well-kept home is light fixtures, whether they are interior or exterior, ceiling, wall mount, sconces, landscape, pole or free standing, we can make them sparkle. We use the same care as we do when cleaning chandeliers. Just because it is smaller doesn't mean it is less important. It truly is the details in everything we do that sets us apart.




ScreenWash onsite


Screens Washed:

Although we remove the cobwebs and wipe the bottom edge of the screen where stuff builds up when we wash your windows, sometimes that is just not enough. We offer a service where we will scrub/rinse your screens for you. Just let us know prior to cleaning the windows.






Flood Lights Replaced:

Do you have flood lights that have burned out? We will be happy to replace them for you.

(Up to 3 stories on the Exterior(32ft) and Interior will be based on location and accessibility.)





Ceiling Fans:

Lighted or unlighted, high in your grand room or in your bedroom, we will clean them.




If you don't see what you're needing, just ask us!


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